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I’ve been captivated by photography since I was a teenager.  I had a wonderful photography teacher in high school, who taught me the basics of capturing images with a Pentax K1000 and a 50mm lens.  I then learned to develop and print the black and white film, which was a miraculous process. More than art, it was the science and physics of photography that were the allure (I’m still struggling with the art).  I recall the terror of being in complete darkness while opening my first film canister and loading the emulsion into the developing tank, all by feel.  Where was that red light I had always heard about?  This was one of the first of many photography myths to be dispelled.
Photography has tied together so many of my interests, like astronomy, aviation, wildlife watching, hiking, camping and family.  There is no commercial intent for this site.  I’m simply a photographer wishing to share his work with others.  I also hope to share my lessons learned.   I invite questions and comments, so don’t hesitate to contact me.
Chris Morrison